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November 30, 2011

Chapter 37 -- Bundles of Joy

Instead of a fancy trip, Quynh and Edward are content to spend their honeymoon at home, partaking in the same activities they would have overseas.

Timothy is getting old, but he still likes to play with Cricket, the family's new Rotty.

After the honeymoon stage is over, Quynh finds herself feeling nauseous all the time.

While she stays at home sick, Edward decides to take up a career as a fireman. Saving Quynh and her sister's lives was a thrill, but he feels the need to make up for the deaths he inadvertently caused. No one may miss the Vampress or Donovan, Quynh and Quetzal's unbeknownst triplet, but he feels that it makes his crime all the worse

Some days his father-in-law commutes down to the station before work to help him train. His insults, however, are scary and not necessary.

Quynh soon finds out that she's pregnant, and calls all of her siblings to let them know. Her grandfather stands behind her, completely senile.

She spends the days she doesn't feel sick at home, making improvements to the plumbing and cleaning in general.

Once she's had enough, she uses the money her parents gave her for the wedding and buys Angel's Glory, content to give him a new and loving home.

Lukas isn't happy to hear he will be a grandfather, but revels in finally reaching the prime of his career: The Emperor of Evil and the new Don. Soon after his promotion, Kadance is promoted to Evil Sidekick and the father-daughter duo lead the thugs in evilness.

Gena isn't fond of her job as a Sous Chef so she takes up the guitar. She doesn't care how smelly or dirty she may be, the sounds of her guitar sing of love to her heart.

The days Lukas doesn't show up to help out Edward, his mom stops by to sing inspirational songs.

Other days, there are huge disasters throughout the town, here Gena is late for work while random onlookers don't bother to applaud when Edward saves the eatery from burning down.

It's an evening like this when Quynh goes into labor. No one makes a move, so she takes a taxi to the local hospital alone.

Since Edward is still saving the city, she gives birth alone and comes home to find her grandparents have been content to stand around doing nothing.

She decides to name the baby boy Arden, and lays him to bed in his nursery, decorated in his favorite color.

Random wedding-gift-gnomes.

Edward finally comes home to his newborn.

Quynh doesn't like where this is headed.

Yep. Lukas steals candy from his grandson, something he never did to his own children, even though he is evil at heart.

Yay for martial arts.

Arden grows into a toddler, and takes on his father's features. 

Now that the house is completely upgraded and that she's not pregnant, Quynh takes up painting as a hobby, just like when she was a child.

The couple soon finds that Arden is an avid learner, albeit not a genius, so they strive to teach him everything he will need to know when he grows up.

At night, Quynh sometimes makes Edward wear his uniform to bed; she likes a man in uniform.

Not being pregnant has other perks, such as riding. Quynh and Angel's Glory quickly form a bond and go on trail rides daily.


"How would you feel about a baby brother or sister?" Quynh whispers to Arden late one night.

This morning, Edward gets a call to catch "Angry Gnomes". When he discovers the couple really only want someone to take the hideous statues off their lawn, he turns to go, when suddenly the lady goes into labor. He guides her to his firetruck when her ex-husband refuses to help and takes her to the hospital.

The woman, Faith Cagley, gives birth to twin girls, Fawn and Jenette. She lives with her ex-husband Carey Burden (who happens to be dating Edward's sister-in-law, Adabella), but the father of her babies is Wolf Roman, a married man. She doesn't look too happy about the situation either.

Oh to be a grandfather.

Soon, Faolin is born and grows to be a red-headed, freckled, little cute thing.

His birthday coincided with Arden's childhood birthday. Arden, who learned all his skills and read all his books, ends up being given the hot-headed trait by the Watcher. Muahahaha.

He doesn't like this little thing in his room, not one bit.

Few things don't make him angry, such as playing with Cricket.

Or painting.

Lukas and Edward do NOT get along.

Quynh, again not pregnant, gets back in the saddle... err... bareback. She's learning rather slowly, riding is tricky business!

Arden shows his anger in his favorite costume. Rarely out of it, even in the shower, he decides to emulate it's personality on a daily basis.

Faolin, however, is completely the opposite of his big brother. Constantly smiling, his parents, again, teach him the workings of the world.


The following pictures contains offspring of characters in other legacies. I might have missed some..... also, the ones in CAS were just aged up for the picture.

Chance Burden, son of Serenity Starr and Gibson Burden.

His twin brother, Chase Burden, son of Serenity Starr and Gibson Burden.

Desire Emnity, son of Carey Burden and Faith Cagley.

Van Chandra, son of Pavel Archer and some vanilla.

Mandi Archer, daughter of Sifton Archer and some vanilla.

Cary Henessey-Sperie, son of Carter and Benni from this legacy.

Grady von Hagen, son of Bea McKinley and Ethan Von Hagen.

Donavan Roman, son of Wolf and Kamela Roman.

Katina Roman, daughter of Wolf and Kamela Roman.

Mercedes Roman, daughter of Wolf and Kamela Roman.

Rick Roman, son of Wolf and Kamela Roman.

Harvey Sperie-Martingale, son of Kadance and Cruz from this legacy.

Terri Starr, daughter of Matthew and Ella Starr.

Charmaine, daughter of of Bea McKinley and Ethan Von Hagen.
She just had a daughter with... Donavan Roman in game... I think.

Delilah, daughter of of Bea McKinley and Ethan Von Hagen.

Kayla, daughter of of Bea McKinley and Ethan Von Hagen.