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January 21, 2012

Chapter 42 -- The Damage had been Done

When Estrella didn't come home at a decent hour that night, the Sperie's knew something was wrong. Quynh had been waiting for hours, pacing back and forth across the stone sidewalk, anxious to see her only daughter as an adult. She felt considerably guilty for having the rest of the family pretend to forget about the teen, but that was what Estrella claimed she had wanted. Her daughter was a free spirit, but when she had been given free reign, it had stung. Now the damage was done, and no one had anticipated her running away.

After waiting as long as he could bear, Edward called his coworkers and started a neighborhood search. Taking out the fire engine, he realized this was going to be harder than any other rescue mission he had ever been a part of. The sinking feeling in his gut ate at his heart, no matter how hard he tried to shake it away. Holding back tears, he revved the engine and began his search.

Lukas, too, called his underlings and for the first time, the crime syndicate in Appaloosa Plains teamed up with the local law enforcement. The once-enemies stood side by side and joined hands as they searched deep into the night, scouring every inch of terrain they could see, to no avail. She wasn't hiding among the brambles or in any of the hay stacks, nor was she found in any barns, buildings, or houses in the area.

Deep down, anyone who truly knew Estrella recognized that the whole search was futile; the girl was never coming back.

This concludes the Sperie Random Legacy. Due to lag and an intense decline in connection with these characters since I haven't had much playing time with them as of late, I won't be continuing the stories of Quynh/Edward/Lukas/Gena. I had played through Estrella and Abbey's trip to China but it worsened the lag (obviously) and I felt that I post slowly as it is, so to spend x amount of extra days in the travel worlds would cause my updates to be sparser and sparser. I just can't play any character for that amount of time... except maybe Lukas, but I love him. For my next legacy, I am debating between using Estrella or a decendent of her , but haven't quite decided yet. This is all based on if I can get my CAS to load with out crashing anyway. I have the new world completely populated, and the legacy house built, except for any decoration/objects in the spare bedrooms. I will keep you all updated on when I start up again, but thanks for reading all 42 chapters of the Sperie's, it always brightened my day to read all of your comments :)