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August 25, 2011

Chapter 16 -- Rotten Peaches and a Soiled Gymnasium

S is invited down to city hall for the most prestigious award in existence for being a ghost hunter.

Only one guy shows his appreciation.

Later that day, a man from the local newspaper swung by and asked if he could do an article on S and took a picture of her with all of her rewards.

Later she worries about if that was such a good idea. Her family is already moderately famous in their small town and she didn't need any more paparazzi stalking her kids. Denver worries about his mother's worries.

Almost immediately after beginning to worry, she hears a car door slam and goes outside to chase off the newest stalker.

Meanwhile, Peaches is grumpy. She doesn't like this whole school idea, especially when there is homework involved.

She sits down next to Noel who is eating a late dinner. Immediately, she starts bitching about how parties bother her and how homework is obnoxious, etc.

Noel cuts her off, "What are you? Some kind of lochness monster or something? You're always complaining or being mean. It's annoying. Just. Shut. Up."

Peaches throws up her hands in desperation.

She goes to grab her own bowl of mac n cheese while Noel starts to grasp her older brother's hatred of the green girl.

The school had announced that there would be a Prom the upcoming weekend. Noel knew she had no chance of having a date unless she took some initiative so she went upstairs to practice with her new mirror from the theatre.

"Heeeeeey there Kenton I was thinking... no, that's not right."

"Kenton, I have a question, just hear me out... I was wondering if maybe this weekend at that one place at that one time... UGH"

Asking someone out was turning out to be harder than it looked. She thought to herself for a minute before starting to try new ideas. Then she had it!

"Hey Kenton, if you wouldn't mind, I was wondering if you'd like to go as friends to the Prom this weekend? I don't really want to go stag, and you're pretty smart like me so maybe.............." she kept practicing.

Downstairs Peaches was getting back to her homework as Lukas breezed through his. It irked her that he was so much better in school. And that his hair stood up. Who did he think he was anyways?

Ever so slightly, she lifted her eyes to scan Lukas' homework. Seeing his answer to the only problem she had left she scribbled it in and stuffed it into her backpack.

'If I didn't need him to help me with school I would SO be out of here. He's freaking crazy,' she thought to herself, excusing herself from the room.

Oblivious to everything going on around him, Lukas was having fun in school lately. He was the leader of the Debate Team and was waiting to hear if he made the team for the Sports Club.

Then he got the call.

"Is this Lukas Sperie?" the man on the other end asked.

"Yessir," Lukas replied giddily, anxious to hear the news.

"All right. The Sports and Recreation Council has reviewed the tryouts and are happy to inform you that you have made the Junior Varsity team."

"What? Slow down, slow down. Say that again? I think I misheard you," Lukas said trying to sound confident, even though he had heard every word.

"You've made the JV team young man," the guy repeated.

"The JV team," Lukas stated, "In all due respect sir, I am the best human athlete in Brooklyn Heights. How did I not make varsity?"

It was that moment that Praesentia Omnem walked by, hearing every word and falling into a fit of laughter.

"Between you and me Lukas, you should be the captain of the varsity team, but you know the Vamps run the town, if not the world. Life isn't fair to us real people."

"You're saying I'm not on Varsity because Vampires are in charge of the world."


"Who is the Varsity captain if I may ask?"

"Abram Biondi."

"Thank you sir, I will see you at practice on Monday."

"It's Coach, not sir," the man said before hanging up.

'So,' Lukas thought, 'I'm not on Varsity because Abram is using his influence to become captain. I may not be as strong or as fast as a Vampire, but he's still a teen so he doesn't have those powers yet.'

"I'll show him, and he better believe it," he cackled while pushing his training harder than ever before.

August 22, 2011

Chapter 15 -- An Evil Architect

After Peaches became real, the teens scattered as it was almost time to take the bus to school. She was not amused at the irresponsible-ness of the party, even though she had become real at it. Those other teens were such pests, why did they have to share her special day with her?

While she stood glaring at everyone, the Sperie teens cleaned up after the party. Their guests had left their dishes everywhere and they knew their mom wouldn't be happy as she was a complete neat-freak.

Lukas took care of cleaning the stove. He was in a foul mood and didn't want to be around anyone else.

And maybe because he didn't trust anyone else not to accidentally leave it on.

Soon enough the bus came and Peaches watched them go, deciding she didn't need to go to school. It's not like the teachers even knew about her or anything.

Tim and S got home shortly after the bus left. Tim stood staring at the odd colored girl in his living room. Peaches was not looking forwards to this conversation.

The conversation apparently went well as Tim rushed over to S explaining how they were going to adopt another daughter.

Savannah was all for the idea.

The first thing they did was convert the old nursery into a bedroom for her.

Feeling happy about convincing Lukas' parents to keep her around, Peaches got to using her easel.

Not knowing about the catastrophic news, Lukas took the time after Drama Club to fish to earn some improvement for his mediocre grades.

Like father, like daughter.

When dinnertime came around, Lukas was just starting his homework.

"So the house is immaculate... You guys must have studied all weekend." Timothy stated suspiciously.

The teens just concentrated on their food and homework in response.

By the time Lukas had finished his homework, it was only him and Peaches left to eat. Lukas wondered why she was still here.

"You parents gave me my own room, with an easel," she smirked.

Lukas glared at his food.

"They probably love me more too cause I'm not insane," she called as he walked away.


Instead of putting up with Peaches the next day, Lukas visited Gena to fulfill his promise of helping fix up her house.

Before pic.

"Lukas! Why are you here? You know how much I hate people seeing this place..." she blushed.

"I told you I'd help make it a home, remember? I'm keeping my word."

The first day, he worked on getting all of the rocks and weeds out so he could start working on more.

Eventually he got all of the furniture out onto the front lawn so he could repaint and refloor the entire house.

Everyday she'd be waiting for him after her Art Club, looking just like she did all those years ago when they first met.

Sometimes Denver would tag along offering his help. He usually just ended up doing his homework on the front porch, waiting for a chance to talk to Gena.

Finally things started coming together. All of the flooring was complete and the walls were stripped of the rotted wood. The kitchen was soon ready for new appliances and cabinetry.

One night, a long while later he finally completed his work. He had put in landscaping and had redone the fence and foundation even. He had to tear down the roof and start from scratch from all of the holes that had been worn in over the years.

After pic. 

"It's finally done! Do you like it Gena?" Lukas anxiously asked, hoping she would be pleased with his work.

"Of course I love it silly!" she replied, for once not stressed in the least.

In a bit of excitement, they decided to break-in the wood flooring by having a pillow fight.

Gena's a lot stronger than she looks.

At the end of the night, Lukas was exhausted.

"I suppose it's time for me to go, I don't want to get rounded up by the curfew police," Lukas reluctantly said.

"You don't know how much this means to me," Gena whispered, pulling him into a hug, "You're the best friend I've ever had."

Pulling away in a way to not seem as dejected as he felt, Lukas mustered a smile and left with only a nod.