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July 13, 2011

Chapter 1 -- Who ya gonna call?

Meet Savannah Sperie. She's just moved to Riverblossom Hills, Simnation.

With no family to speak of and only $16,500 to her name, she found an unfinished and unfurnished house on the hills outside of downtown. It was a 2 bedroom 1 bath spacious lot. She spent her last few simoleons on a fridge, a bed, and a toilet.

After becoming completely broke, she decided to go on a job hunt. She had always played chess as a child and did very well in school so she went to the Science Facility to submit an application.

Since they had to call her references and check her background for criminal activity before hiring her, S visited Brooklyn Square Park. Spotting a chess set, she plopped down across from Dante Rapp, a Campaign Intern at the city hall.

"Mind if I challenge you to a match?"

Turns out, S was a bit rusty between trying to recall intricate moves and keeping track of Dante's pieces. If she got the job she'd have to practice.

"Hey, don't feel bad... better luck next time!"

Soon day turned into evening and evening turned into night with no call from the facility. Dante had left to grab a bite to eat and Jo Blossom had jumped in to a match with her immediately after.

"Gawl, these benches are SO uncomfortable," Jo complained.

"We should start a protest for better park chairs! Or better yet, take the mayor hostage and force them to make it happen!" S replied.

"I totally agree. They're just a bunch of babies anyway."

"I'm going to enter the next election for this sole purpose... you BETTER vote for me 'kay? Oh and checkmate! I gotta run though, definitely getting close to my bedtime. See ya around!"

With a new friend, S happily started the long walk home, but not before getting a phone call saying she was hired! They told her she was going to be a "ghost hunter" of sorts, whatever that actually meant, she didn't know. She figured it was just code for a top secret project she didn't yet have clearance for!

While trying to find her way home and passing by the business complex, a hairy man stopped her.

"Hey, do you by chance know how to get to Birch Circle from here?"

"Ahh, no I'm new to the area..." S blushed, her shy side taking over.

"Damn... me too actually. I was just applying for a job here and forgot which way I came! I'm Timothy. You can call me Tim for short if you'd like."

"Oh, I'm Savannah, S for short."

"So you're an entrepreneur then?"

"Not really... it was just the first job I applied for. They took me on for seasonal employment. Where do you work?"

"I don't know actually, to be honest. They gave me this machine thingamabob and said I was going to be a "ghost hunter" but that's code for something above my clearance at this point."

"If that were for real, it would be awesome! Who wouldn't want to be a GhostBuster for their job?" Tim laughed.

"YES! Just you wait, S here to save the town from the paranormal!"

"Who you gonna call?"

 "Ghost Busters!" the two cried in unison before suffering from bouts of gut-wrenching laughter.

Taking a breather, Tim and S sat down, accidentally bumping hands.

"Oh, gosh, I'm sorry," S stammered shyly.

"I kinda liked it actually..." Tim whispered before scooting closer.

As dawn approached, the two cuddled and soon they realized it was 7am.

"Crap! I have to work in an hour!" Tim realized.

"I didn't realize we sat out here that long... It's my bedtime anyway; I have to work until 3am tonight... I'll catch ya sometime next week!"

Before bed, S enjoyed a PB&J on her ever-so-comfy-top-of-the-line dining chair. 

Hot damn she's a looker in the morning---err evening rather.

After having another snack, it was time for work. Arriving at the science facility a few minutes early, she found out that she was indeed going to be hunting for ghosts.

"As long as I'm getting paid for hunting pretend ghosts, I don't care," she thought as she headed over to the Cahill residence.

It turned out that ghosts were in fact real. At least thin, smoky apparitions were and they were hard enough to catch for S.

"I wonder if I can upgrade this damn thing, or if I need to learn to outsmart them?"

Finding no feasible way to make any adjustments to her Banshee Banisher, S headed to the park to practice some chess while she waited for other clients to phone her.

She ended up waiting til the end of her shift and later, barely reeling in any money.

At least she can beat herself in chess!

The next few days were spent with sleep, food, and work. Even at night she couldn't escape the stresses of the daily grind.

The job was tough, she would give it that much. It was just so boring chasing smoke and poltergeists around random lunatics houses.

Especially because every night the Cahill's hired her with more and more ghosts and poltergeists. Seriously, where are they all coming from?

After banishing several lesser spirits, S was awarded the Honor Trophy and the Epic Hero Medal despite her aversion to a massive ceremony. She just couldn't take crowds of people.

She had so far collected jealous, friendly, frightened, lost, and kind spirits and proudly displayed them next to her awards.

Challenge Notes:

Timothy is actually the sim-self of my boyfriend of the same name (only the sim has longer hair)... In the game he's dating my sim-self actually (which is weird, I didn't do it I swear!)  and in real life he wants to do business too! The Sims are stalking me xD

Also, the Cahills really have a ghost emergency EVERYNIGHT.

Also, also, I absolutely hate CFE. It took me forever it seemed to just build the frame for that house. I probably spent at least 2 hours trying to put in a basement to no avail. Hopefully S gets rich quick because I really want to finish this house!


  1. Great start on your new legacy. I hope you stay glitch free!
    Your Riverblossom Hills looks nothing like mine. Did you change it a lot, or is this not kiwi tea's RH?

  2. Nice beginning! I have yet to play the ghosthunter job, so it's fun to see pics of it!

  3. Yeaa I totally do have the wrong Riverblossom Hills... Darn it! I am downloading it currently. I was so excited that it wasn't laggy at all so if the new hood doesn't work I'll leave her here. We'll see!

  4. Well, the town you are in looks great! I was just surprised by it, because it's so much more urban than the Riverblossom Hills I'm playing.

  5. It is... It's pretty much a reorganized Bridgeport but way better. Especially cause the grocery store is in the residential area. I am quite pleased with it, but I am going to check out the real version too :)

  6. Great start to your legacy! I'm really liking S. She's got a cool name, and an awesome job. Hope life turns out well for her.

  7. Nice start! I really like S, and she's pretty too. Hopefully her house gets finished soon!

  8. I laughed really hard at her "top of the line dining chair."

    Also, she is absolutely adorable when she does the shy sim idle (that is an idle right? I've never played a shy sim before). Anyway, it's cute.

    Also, where did you get your current Riverblossom Hills (if you don't mind sharing)? I love Kiwi Tea's, but I've always wanted an urban world that wasn't glitch-tastic like Bridgeport.

  9. I made a tooootal blooper. That's actually Brooklyn Heights and can be found here:

  10. Thanks so much! *goes to download*