Table of Contents


Generation 1: Savannah & Timothy
    Marital Structure: Couple
    Number of Children: 3
    Primary Income: Ghost Hunter
    Secondary Income: Day Care
    Generation Goal: Perfect Careers
    Misc Fun: Live Your Trait

Generation 2: Lukas
    Marital Structure: Single Parent
    Number of children: 5
    Primary Income: Criminal (Evil)
    Generation Goal: Change of Scenery
    Misc Fun: Runs in the Family 

Generation 3: Quynh & Edward
    Marital Structure: Couple
    Number of children: 3
    Primary Income: Equestrian
    Secondary Income: Firefighter
    Generation Goal: Perfect Children
    Misc Fun: It's So You!

Generation 4:

Generation 5:

Generation 6:

Generation 7:

Generation 8:

Generation 9:

Generation 10: