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July 30, 2011

Chapter 7 -- No Cause for Concern

The next morning, S' sleep was interrupted by a wave of nausea.

As she knelt before the toilet, she knew why she was sick. She was pregnant and terrified. What if this one didn't go so well like Lukas'? Pushing all thoughts from her mind, she made herself think positively.

Time flew by as S mentally prepared herself for another baby. Unfortunately, this caused her to forget she was holding baby bottles and laundry detergent constantly.

She would even take the items dancing down at the Cathedral. Tim had been contacted by an agent to dance for three hours to receive some extra money. The two decided to show them up by dancing for five.

Well, they hadn't meant to, but they were completely enthralled by watching the blue vampire and the green lady fall in love. Until he noticed that is... as soon as he started walking towards them, S and Tim ran to a waiting taxi and rushed home.

They were just in time too! It was Lukas' birthday!

He inherited S' hair and Tim's eyes and someone else's madness.

He was a pensive little boy, always staring at S and Tim with a face full of worry and confusion.

Day by day, Tim notices his crazy ex being a peeping tom, having to shoo her off his property. He had no idea why she was there, she wouldn't even say a word to him when he questioned her presence.

Happy Lukas is cute Lukas.

Much to their dismay, the hospital staff want Lukas to stay in his infirmary crib. The main concern is that the boy doesn't seem to be normal due to his seriousness and constantly creased facial features. A little toddler shouldn't know worry.

They house their new set of twins in the same room as him until he grows up. S believes that Lukas will learn from being able to mimic Denver and Noel and that everything is fine, people are just overly worried. Nothing is wrong with her children, no matter what anyone else says.

July 27, 2011

Chapter 6 -- All Bad Things Come to an End

The weeks flew by in the once happy Sperie household. Savannah and Tim developed separate schedules and rarely saw each other anymore. Tim would be cooking his breakfast as Savannah was preparing to go to bed.

If she was up late, she'd watch the news and quietly slip away to bed when it ended.

Taking care of Lukas was in no way single handed. They both loved their son deeply, but only interacted with him at certain times of the day. Daddy would be in charge during the day even though he had daycare... but what was one more child? He loved Lukas and would do anything for him, even if that included making his work day a little more stressful.

The house became a mess. Almost everything in it was broken or dirty.

S was considered an extremely neat person, but without any motivation in life anymore she could deal with a few germs and creepycrawlies everywhere... including in her food prepared on a moldy countertop. Even their wedding cake hadn't been thrown out, though it was a constant reminder over what had happened.

Tim was beginning to loath his daycare business. Parents would refuse to leave their kids with him some days in fear that he had been the one to hurt Savannah. They didn't want their babies to get hurt or neglected. Other days, parents would pretend to leave their kids with him. Tim had no choice but to get negative work performance as the parents would be furious that "he couldn't take care of their kids" when they didn't even exist. He truly felt the world was out to get him.

When it became time to leave for work, S would make herself a quick snack and phone a babysitter. The city council had decreed that if Tim was running his daycare and S wasn't home, then they had to hire a babysitter to take care of Lukas. They didn't even explain why.

[See challenge notes below.]

Morgana Wayne had offered to take the job, not mentioning that she was a 2 pack a day smoker. Savannah came home from work to find her smoking in Lukas' room and putting a second lit cigarette up to his face while he was drinking his milk.

Getting worked up in a fit of energy she hadn't thought was in her since that night, S prepared to freak out.

She tried calming herself down into her strong shell she had built around her, but it didn't work.

"I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON ANYMORE!" she screamed scaring Morgana enough to make her flee the scene and to wake up Tim.

Huffing she started cleaning like a mad woman. Moping while trying to load the dishwasher, fixing the sink.

When Tim finally calmed her down enough he showed her the second chair he had bought for her chess table. Without a word he sat down with her opposite and started playing a game. He knew chess would help her think logically again and make her relax.

"Are you back?" he almost-inaudibly whispered.

With tears forming in her eyes, she contemplated her next move.

"I just couldn't take it anymore. The place was a mess, our babysitter was trying to turn Lukas into a nicotine addict," she paused, "I'm just sick of holding it all in, it's been gnawing at me, but I wanted to stay strong for you..."

"I have an idea babe, after you beat me at this game, why don't we sit down and talk it out."

"But it's so late, aren't you tired?" she said, hoping to get out of it. She didn't think she was ready to release it all just yet.

"Yes, I am but we can still talk for a bit before I pass out." --"Checkmate."-- "What? How did you even do that? Are you sure that's legal... cause I would have won."

"You win yet again S, you just wait, someday I will figure out all your sneaky tricks and beat you once and for all!" he claimed after they had put the pieces away.

Pulling her into a hug, she turned her head away.

"You know, you don't have to hide behind those shades, hun. You're still the most beautiful woman in the entire world."

Blushing, she gingerly leaned in and gave him a brief kiss, the first they had shared since their wedding vows.

Making their way to bed, S almost smiled. She felt that things were finally starting to go in the right direction.

Before falling asleep, they celebrated their honeymoon that they never got to take.

Challenge Notes:

It took me so long to figure out where and how I wanted the story to go after what had happened... but then the game was stupid and had me hire a babysitter while Tim was still at home (though running his daycare... that day he had ZERO children so I don't know why they considered him at work at all... but I already vented on the forum.) Morgana Wayne showed up exactly how you saw her. I have Twallan's Dresser which, if you don't know, will check every sim's outfits and replace "invalid parts". It also gives each sim a random number of accessories. I happen to have a couple different cigarette accessories for if I ever need them for story purposes (cause they don't do anything in the game) and it gave her two of them. I laughed so hard cause it was perfect! She already looks like a rebel and everything so why not have her smoke too since she's probably underage anyway. Oh. I am not trying to say cigarettes are good or bad (even though it's proven that they are very bad for you) so don't take this like I'm saying all rebels smoke or that you should smoke or that you shouldn't smoke or any other way you can twist it. I am personally a smoker in the process of quitting (It's easy to quit smoking. I've quit thousands of times. -Mark Twain) so I understand both sides of the issue. Anyway enough of the legal talk, enjoy the story goddammit!

July 22, 2011

Chapter 5 -- A Turn for the Worse

PLEASE: Ignore the continuity error in the following pictures. I forgot what bar they were supposed to be at and took the last few screens at the Cathedral instead. Opps!


As the sun set, the party made its way over to the Howl. While everyone grabbed drinks, S ventured down to the dance floor...

Only to accidentally run into someone.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you! I'm Savannah, I've never seen you around before."

"Oh, I know who you are. You're that filthy bitch that stole Timothy from me."

"I didn't steal Tim from anyone. He needed a place to stay so I gave him one, and now we're married. If you're some kind of jealous ex, you better stay away or else," S threatened.

"Jealous ex?," the vampress laughed, "Do you know who you are speaking to? I, Maddie, lead the Nosferatu. You have taken my pet from me, and then you dare threaten me? A vampire? If you live, you will regret your decisions."

And then she attacked S. As heavily pregnant as she was, Savannah couldn't even protect herself from the lightning fast fury of blows.

Tim and the guests made their way over to the dance floor only to see S on the floor, not moving.

Frantically scooping her up in his arms, Tim screamed for a taxi and immediately left for the hospital. He prayed that both Savannah and the baby would be safe.

As the sun came up the next morning, Tim learned that S would pull through except for a nasty wound on her eye that might never heal.

On the other hand, baby Lukas was alive as well, but in serious condition. The newly married couple brought home an infirmary crib so Lukas could come home with them instead of staying in the hospital for weeks.


The Sperie house became a quiet place for the next few days.

Tim would try to get S to talk, but she would never respond. Wrapping herself in her chess board was the only way for her to find peace.

Tim spends a lot of time worrying if it's all his fault. He doesn't know who attacked S or who could be that cruel to attack a pregnant lady, but if he had been with her, she wouldn't have gotten hurt.

Fixing things helps him take a load off his mind.

Savannah is just happy that she and Lukas survived. She hopes that she can be as strong as she appears to be for their little family.

When Tim isn't around though, she can't help but cry.

Chapter 4 -- Platonic Love Will Do For Now

When S got home, Tim was just finishing up making her favorite meal, Autumn Salad.

Too nervous to even eat, she sat across from him at the table.

"Tim, we need to talk," she said causing Tim to choke on a crouton.

'Shit," he thought, 'She's realized she doesn't want this and is kicking me out.'

Standing up to take the hurtful news, he prepared himself for the worst.

S came over to stand by him saying, "I know you've been living here for a while now, and I really like what we're doing and all, but please hear me out."

"You're kicking me out," Tim murmured with a pleading look in his eye. He didn't want to leave; this was his home now.

"No... I'm not kicking you out Tim. You're free to stay or leave whenever you want."

"What?! You're not? Then what is it?" he replied, incredulous.

"I don't know how to say this really... but I'm pregnant. With your baby," she nervously stammered. Biting her lip, S waited for Tim to storm out of the house and leave her and their unborn child behind.

Much to her surprise, he replied, "Pregnant? Really? I'm going to be a Daddy? That's great news! Why would you scare me like that?"

"You're okay with it? I was so worried that you'd leave... I mean, we're roommates at least, friends with benefits at most. You'll help me care for this child?"

"Hell yes I will, I've always wanted children. I just never planned on having one this early... Has he started kicking? Or she. I hope its a he!" he rambled.

"I think he just said he wants a party!" he kept going on and on while S just stood there giggling, relieved that he was taking the news so well.

"Will a wedding party work for him?" Tim said, getting down on one knee.

S' mouth dropped down to the floor as she stood there in shock.

Coming up, Tim swooped her into a hug.

"I know we're no where close to being ready to get married, but I love you as a friend. I think I can learn to love you as my wife."

"Then yes, I will do you the honor of being your bride... tomorrow?"


"We only have 2 days until the baby arrives, might as well be married by then too huh?"

S got on the phone right away to all of their friends, inviting them over the following morning for their nuptials.

She took extra time telling Jo the news. It seemed like everyone was excited for them.

Everyone? Tim's friends that she didn't know?

"We should have just had a private ceremony, you know how shy I am Tim."

"Hey, you already planned it. By yourself I might add. It's too late now!"


The next morning the two ate breakfast together, excited for the days events.
*Ding dong*
The cake was here!

Tim had them bring it out back where they had set up the chairs and arch for the ceremony. He thought it was raaaaaad, man.

S caught up on her chess skills while waiting for the guests to arrive.

One last kiss before the ceremony starts! The people were already gathering around the arch... it was showtime!

"They all really showed up! I don't know if I can do this in front of so many people," S whispered.

"Yes you can, WE can do this," he responded, "It's time..."

"Today, Timothy, I join my life to yours, not merely as your wife, but as your friend, your lover, and your confidant. Let me be the shoulder you lean on, the rock on which you rest, the companion of your life. With you I will walk my path from this day forward."

"I Timothy, choose you Savannah as my best friend, my love for life. I promise you my deepest love, my fullest devotion, my tenderest care, through the pressures of the present and the uncertainties of the future, I promise to be faithful to you. I promise to love you, to commit to you, and support you. I pledge to respect your unique talents and abilities, to lend you strength for all of your dreams"

With that, two became one.

They made there way over to the cake and cut their first piece.

This day was perfect. Except for little Daisy Greenman who was scared of cakes.

As S sat down to eat her slice, she realized how bright her future had become in the last 24 hours. Only thing left was to bring the baby into the world and then she'd feel complete.