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October 28, 2011

Chapter 28 -- BFA = Best Friends Again?

Lukas looked everywhere for her: the bars, the beaches, and finally stopped by her workplace, the Bistro. After waiting all night, hoping she was just working a late shift, he gave up and started walking home. Hearing crying from the gazebo in the nearby park, he stopped by to see who was upset.

Gena was crying her heart out underneath the wedding arch, unaware of Lukas' arrival.

"Gena?" he whispered, "What's wrong?"

Getting to her feet, she tried to wipe the tears from her eyes.

"I'm fine, Lukas, really. Why are you here?"

"You forget we used to be best friends. I know when there's something wrong."

"Everything that's been happening lately, is not how I imagined it. I-I can't take it anymore! I need to get out of here," she shakily replied, throwing her arms up in exasperation.

"I know of a place that might make you feel a little better. Come on, let's go," he said, trying to be supportive.

They walked down to the pier and stared out at the ocean. After what seemed like forever, she turned to him and all her problems came rushing out.

"After seeing Denver with that slut, I became so depressed. I tried to come out of it and went to visit him so we could talk and get back to where we were. I loved him, Lukas. I didn't care if he had cheated on me, as long as he left her and took me back. I... I got to the house, and saw the "Just Married" sign on his car, and ran. I didn't stop running until I got into the bluffs."

"I cried for hours and hours, before skipping town for a few nights to try to get my mind off of everything. It didn't work. I just got back this morning, and went straight to the park. Denv and I used to talk about how we wanted to get married there. I guess he got what he wished for."

"Seeing the person you love in the arms of someone else is so painful, it's indescribable. I know," he spoke from his heart when she was done, "You feel so alone, unless you have someone to turn to for help. If you would just ask, I'd be your friend again."

"I could never be your friend, Lukas, but I'll be your best friend again," she said, almost smiling.

"Best friends it is then."


Meanwhile, Carter and Kadance had arrived at school early on their first day in order to sign up for scouts and ballet respectively. The twins were excited for school even though Kadance would never admit it. They were only nervous about if the other students would treat them differently. It wasn't their fault they were green and could shape shift into creepy dolls.

At home, their grandparents were enjoying their free time, amazed at the speed in which Quynh and Zal were learning their basics. Initially worried about the toddler nosferatu and their mother's intentions, they were now falling hard for them., and hoped they would live to see them grow up. Their biological clocks were ticking, but having found the happiness they doubted would ever find them, they were content. Only one worry persisted, could Lukas handle four kids on his own, or would he find true love and a mother to help raise them?

October 18, 2011

Chapter 27 -- Time Flies By When You're Glitching?

The family moves into their new abode on the other side of the mountain. It's ridiculously closer to work for Lukas, even though it's a football field or two from the old place. The traffic on the road into the city was getting to be annoying, but the kids' school bus would take even longer. It's hard to win in the sims universe.

Woohoo screenshots!

Yes, there are stairs. No the upstairs isn't done. Money is tight now. I have started the "It's So You" requirement even though its early. More fun this way :) Anywho, the house I based this on is found here.

My boyfriend's only comment on this house was that Tim's Daycare van ruins it all. lol. It truly is an eyesore.

So, where were we again? Oh yes, The family moved into their new home quite comfortably, although rather quickly... it was the green twins' birthday! Yay for simultaneous birthday celebrations!

Lukas... I think you have your birthday suit mixed up with your underwear.

Carter starts to age up.

He gains the daredevil trait.

Kadance ages immediately thereafter.

She gains the Star Quality trait.

After the celebrations, Kadance cleans up while Carter tries to convince the babysitter to let him go outside and eat dirt. He is not convincing enough for Elmer. The rest of the family is on their way to see Lukas, Peaches, Denver, and Noel graduate.

"Stop the car!" Savannah shouts as she scrambles out of the passenger seat. She feels odd, and is afraid it's time for her to age up.

Realizing her fears are correct, she lets the process happen without an ounce of joy.

Even the scar didn't disappear, but she doesn't feel as old as she thought. She hobbles back to the car and their once again off to city hall.

Before he reaches the doors, Tim ages up as well.

The ceremony took forever to finish, as there were tons of kids in his graduating class. Once out, Lukas celebrates being free of the school system before heading home to spend some quality time with his kids.

However, his way is blocked by an old woman in his path. Smiling uneasily at her, he tries to squeeze by, but she grabs his arm.

"Have you seen my Gena?" she hoarsely whispers, "She hasn't been home since your brother's coming of age party... I thought she'd be with him, but he hadn't seen her either."

"Gena's missing?" he responded, genuinely concerned.

"Please, find her for me. My other children need her around, when I pass. I fear that time may be soon."

With an almost imperceptible nod, Lukas runs off, trying to figure out where she could be. I couldn't stand to lose Gena, I'd be as crushed as if someone were to kidnap Carter, Kadance...


...or Quetzal. She's my best friend, and she'd do the same for me.

Notes: This whole chapter took 2 sim days, even though the interactions should have taken hours. I had to age Carter and Kadance early, and all other ages were adjusted as if they were supposed to age up. Stupid glitch is finished. *knocks on wood* If you were too lazy to click on the names: according to, Qunh means Night Blooming Flower in Vietnamese, and Quetzal (short for Quetzalxochitl) means Precious Flower or Queen. Fitting, as Quynh won't be able to be out in daytime and Quetzal so far looks like her mother, the Queen Nosferatu. :)

October 13, 2011

Chapter 26 -- Life's Little Surprises

What in the world have I gotten myself into?, Lukas thought as he peered in at the contents of the box.

Staring back up at him were two pairs of scintillating eyes belonging to two toddler nosferatu. Picking up the envelope taped to the side of the box, he read the letter inside.

Name them what you'd like, they're your children now. You will tell no one of where they came, and you will make sure no harm comes to them. I have taken it upon myself to use your family's investments to purchase a more suitable residence where you will raise your new daughters; the deed to the property is  inside this file. If you fail to do any of this, your closest will pay the price.

"Lukas? Who are these children and what are they doing on our doorstep?" Savannah asked, confused almost as much as her son.

"I have no idea," he responded, lost in a train of thought that couldn't seem to reach its destination.

 Each scooping a toddler up into their arms, S stared down at the little brunette in her arms. It was the exact same shade of brown as hers and Lukas'. And those eyes! They looked just like hers! Trying to put the pieces together, she casually asked her son what had happened the night his babies grew into toddlers.

Shooting her a confused look, Lukas answered, "We had a small party and then after everyone left I exercised and went to bed?"

Making sure to carefully hide her horror, Savannah dismissed the conversation and swore to herself to never tell a soul. Lukas was already battered enough, he didn't need to know he was raped. If the time came when the truth needed to come out, then that would be a different story, but for now it was best for him to stay in the dark.

"You're going to raise these girls, as your own, right?" she asked.

"Of course mom, I wouldn't leave them on the streets, are you crazy? Sure, they're baby vampresses, but if their mother hated them so much as to leave them on a random person's doorstep? They don't deserve that. We'll just tell people that their mother died giving birth, or make up something crazy like that."

Notes: Short update because I'm happy my game is at least working, and I've left you all waiting in the dark about this. And because I completely lost progress on a house that was half done. I suck at saving. Ugh. Anywho, I hope to get back on my update schedule from last week. Yay!

Also, for those that read the spoiler convo between Cece and I... I decided for Lukas to keep both of the girls because they're SO CUTE!

October 10, 2011

Chapter 25 -- We're Helping... Right?

Lukas awoke the next morning feeling like the entire world had collapsed inside of his head. Mentally forcing himself to get out of bed, he groaned at the pain. Upon hearing the playful babbles of his twins, his face lit up and he made his way to their room.

They're growing so fast!, he thought as he helped Kadance learn to stand up. Being a young father wasn't even half as bad as he had expected it to be. His parents helped take care of the little ones' needs when he was at work, and even Denv and Noel were taking responsibilities of teaching them how to talk. I wish I had been raised in a full house, he internally whined before instantly regretting it. He had a wonderful childhood and he wouldn't change it for the world. 

What he would change however, would be his work schedule. He was always at work when the kiddos were awake and at home when they were in bed... The only way to get the hours he wanted was to move up through the system, and so he tried his hardest.

It was this morning that he got his first promotion, right before Noel and Denver aged up.

Noel went first... 

...and immediately went to find Kenton.

Denver was more excited to be an adult than her. Both Gena and Cassandra had already aged and he needed to prove he was up to snuff for both of them... as long as they didn't find out.

The sparkles immediately took over and Denver flashed an uneasy look before aging up.

Cassandra immediately ran over, grabbed him tight, and squealed, "You're so HAWT Denvie, I love you!" right in front of Gena. Shit, Denver thought as Gena flashed him a look resembling both disgust and shock.

Turning around, she ran for the door, her heart crushed.

Wait, Lukas thought, I know it hurts, but I can help..., but it was too late. She had already left.

Feeling his phone vibrate, he pulled it out of his pocket. Blast! Why is the fricken Don calling me. This is the absolute worst timing ever, he thought. Answering, he listened patiently without saying so much as a word as she charged him with a single task. She promised him further promotions in the future if he chose to complete it. With most criminal activity though, choices are never real, so Lukas was forced to go along with her plan.

For the rest of the afternoon, Lukas couldn't get that conversation out of his mind. She seemed amused at the whole thing. It's like she's playing a game with me that I don't have all the pieces to. What could be so hard about hiding something anyway?

He didn't have anymore time to ponder though, as the doorbell rang. The drop had been made.

Opening the box, Lukas was completely surprised at the contents. What in the world have I gotten myself into?

October 9, 2011

Chapter 24 -- As You Wish, Your Majesty

Finally, he comes, the Queen mused. She had waited far too long for this.

She directed him into the study, feeling stronger by the second as her power washed over the young human.

"Take a seat. There is much to be done tonight," she commanded.

As Lukas succumbed to her power, he felt a little dizzy, then oddly at peace.

"Much to be done? Of course, Your Majesty," he mindlessly responded.

"Good. First, you must listen. While my story may have started countless lives ago, this small tidbit begins only slightly before your time. I was, as I still am, Queen of this group of Nosferatu. We were powerful, ruling the nation, that is until some of your kind revolted and wiped out most of our population. Now there are only few of us left, almost all being female."

"In this dire time, I commanded that all of the remaining males report to be my consorts so our race would not fall completely into the hands of mortals. Those that bid the call of their Queen were unsuitable. They were the ones that hid and watched while our kind was destroyed; they met their end at my hands. The ones that did not, I can only assume are forever gone or have fled the nation."

"Mmm," Lukas mumbled in response, completely wrapped up in the tale.

"I had no choice in what happened next," she gritted, slamming her fist onto the armrest, "To save our kind, I had to find suitable human mates. I attempted to procure a male half-ling with whom I could create stronger males until our line was pure again. I only found two suitable males in this entire region. The first provided me with four female half-lings before his mortal life ended. The second was your father."

Feeling confused, Lukas wished to ask his Queen what she meant. His father was with his mother, not Her Majesty. Before he could form the words, her power silenced his throat and he slipped back into the haze.

"Your father was strong and powerful. I knew he would be the one to produce the half-ling I had been searching for. Time passed and his seed refused to join with mine time and time again. I became frustrated and released some of my hold on him in a moment of anger. The next thing I know, I could no longer feel his presence anymore."

Lukas sat still, mesmerized by the power his Queen was emitting.

"I could not track him. I could not feel his emotions. When I heard he had taken up a new residence, I discovered that cunt of a woman had stolen him from my grasp. He had chosen a worthless human like himself over the most powerful of the Nosferatu. To make matters worse, he had been able to impregnate her. I followed them that night and attacked her and her unborn baby the moment she was alone, sure Tim would come back to me. That was my mistake. To feel such petty emotions for a human being is not in my nature. If I had felt nothing, then you and your mother would be dead, and your father would be at my side."

"But this is much, much better. They produced a much stronger male than Tim ever was. A male much more suitable to provide his seed. You, Lukas, will provide me with a son."

Happy he was going to cause his Queen such joy, Lukas put his hand to his heart in reverence to her before following her up to her bedroom.

"My Queen, I am ready to serve you."