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December 20, 2011

Chapter 41 -- Forgotten

Edward learns the meaning of the phrase "you can't teach an old dog new tricks".

Meanwhile a couple of old folks play catch in the riding ring.

Gena quits once she realizes Lukas isn't going to play nice.

So naturally, he gallops around the ring pretending to be a horse.

Ignoring his father-in-law, Edward tries to use osmosis to teach Cricket how to shake. This, too, doesn't work.

Inside, Faolin is taken with the birthday sparkles mid yawn.

He ages up and loses the button down, but keeps the freckles. 

"Yes yes YES!" Estrella squeaks, "This means we can move out right?!"

"Sis..." he starts to answer, then briefly hesitating while he gathers his thoughts, "That's not going to happen. I mean, I love you and all, but I'll barely afford to live on my own as it is. I won't be able to earn enough money to sustain the both of us."

"Not to mention she needs an attitude adjustment if she thinks she can run off on her own so soon. Your mother and I can barely handle her... she'd walk all over you," their dad butts in.

Back to Plan A, she plots, If only I could convince Abbey to join me...

"Oh yeah, that too," he sarcastically replies.

"Come here son, you've been such a blessing. Good luck out there," Edward gruffly hugs Faolin to hide his watering eyes. Now all that's left is to get his cranky daughter to mature.

Speaking of maturing, the family's foal grows up with his BFF, Lukas, who only celebrates because no one else is there to see him bond any more with the horse.

As time passes, the household only gets more frustrated with the teen. Fights ensue and soon enough, no one is on speaking terms with Estrella. On her birthday, she quickly, but dramatically, scans the house for signs of her parents, noticing their absence, she runs out the door.

She ends up at one of the many ponds in the city's outskirts. She had been hoping to feel better about seeing all the nature, but it just makes her want to leave even more. She reluctantly heads home later to celebrate her young adult birthday with her family.

When she gets home, the only one there to see her age up is her grandpa, who is only there because he forgot it was her birthday. Feeling a twang of sadness that her parents and siblings wouldn't even bother being there for such a monumental moment in her life, she calls Abbey and plans to meet up with her at their favorite hang out.

Abbey shows up late and doesn't even bother to say hello as she passes by Estrella and walks up the stairs.

Starting the game in silence, the two share brief glances, each echoing the others thoughts.

"You're family forgot too, didn't they," Abbey whispers, breaking the silence. Estrella just nods in return.

"Look at us. Neither of us have a bad bone in our bodies, but yet both of our parents still hate us. I can't stand it! After we celebrate our birthday I'm leaving home and never looking back."

"Let's just leave Appaloosa Plains altogether," Estrella quietly replies, trying to sound sarcastic, but meaning ever word.

"You know how I feel about that Ella... I'd love to travel the globe, but there are more important things in life," she responds, not entirely convinced.

"We could see the pyramids! The great wall!" Estralla babbles on, trying to get her friend to skip town with her.

"Hold on, hold on," Estrella backtracks, sensing Abbey is about to interrupt.

"How about just for a few days, and then we can come back to whatever else is more important to you, come on please?" she begs, trying to sound reasonable.

"As long as we come back in time for graduation," Abbey concedes as Estrella's face lights up.

Without responding, Estrella rushes over to the birthday cakes that the bartender set up for them and makes her wish.


  1. Poor Estrella, I can't believe none of her family cared enough to be there when she aged up *hugs her*

  2. Oh that would make me find an exit as well! none of them thought about her birthday???

  3. I'm not gonna lie; I'm excited to see Estrella and Abbey travel together. : )